Creatives: Greg Davies Art & Design x Shea Sassy

"As someone who is very environmentally motivated, knowing that I have contributed to the planting of more trees whilst designing a brand is a very special feeling!" Greg Davies

Fun & Relatable Illustrations with Holly Maguire

"My current aim is to share work that can be comforting and relatable as well as highlighting the things that I feel passionate about," Holly Maguire


We're excited to let you all now that there's a new addition to the noissue product line: 🥁 *drum roll* 🥁 the all-new noissue Stamp! 🤩🤩 There are 2 types of stamps to choose from: Manual and Self-inking. 👍 @bethanjanine opted for the manual option.✨✨


Love the minimalist, sleek design of this noissue Tissue by @denperfect 🤩🤩 It’s easy to design with noissue - simply upload your logo and choose a template👌 You can also upload a finished design 🤗


If you're finding ways to create a good noissue tissue design, try going for bigger and bolder patterns just like how @niaski did! 🤩🤩 Love the creative way the brand's name is incorporated on their noissue stickers! 🐱❣️


Love this stunning and creative design by @emillieferris. 💫💫 It's always fun to receive something wrapped so beautifully 🤩 #WFHtips: Make sure you have a designated space for work. This will help you get into the right mindset, and it creates a boundary between work and home (even if you're at home all day).