Pop-up Stores

A well organized pop-up store is as crucial to your brand as well presented goods are. Find out more about how we have partnered with companies that help sort out your pop-up store needs below.

Q: What can pop-up creators do to maximize their branding potential?

A: Your community is your brand so the customer engagement and experience should stay top priority. Pop-up stores should be well thought-out and designed with this in mind. We see more success when brands create pop-up stores and events that celebrate their customers. Promotion is also key. Set a two to three week time frame prior to the event to share a social media teaser and marketing campaign every day leading up to the event. Capture your customers' attention using things like a branded hashtag, to get them into the store. Develop your branding even further; whether it be with a completely new creative touch, or sprucing up the store with your brand's logo, or other small touchpoints in the store like signs, gift bags or even floral arrangements. The event itself should be well curated with exclusives, a launch announcement or a feedback forum that allows your customer to get involved some way.

Q: How does customer experience play into the outcome of a successful pop-up shop?

A: Customer experience is everything, but it's always important to stay genuine to your brand and be clear about the goal for your pop-up store, and let the experience follow from that. There's no playbook for a successful pop-up store, it's about knowing who you are hosting to create the right experience tailored to them. If you are creating an event for customer acquisition, the event should be loud and active; attracting walk by traffic. If you are doing a opening event, be sure there is a welcome team, if it's a product launch, ensure everyone on your team is a natural storyteller or there is an event centered around sharing the product's inception. Have a primary focus and create one KPI to track its success.

Storefront recently launched a pop-up store with FILA to revamp it's Mindblower sneaker, originally released in 1995, and introduce the first- ever Mindblower-inspired collection of apparel and accessories for men and women. The brand focused on a surreal, warped reality kind of experience in the store where the logo and branding was everywhere from the windows, to the floors, to the featured collections themselves.

Q: What's the best way to stay on top of planning your pop-up store?

A: Create a goal launch date, a budget with a 30% contingency buffer and work backwards from there. Always simplify and do one thing really wet. Be transparent about the errors that come up along the way and know it's a learning process. The rest will fall into place.

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