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Kids Accessories



By Mom: Decor Made With Love For Your Little Ones

"Our mission is to provide our costumers with original and personalized products for their babies with the maximum respect for the environment.” Patricia, creator of ByMom


🧐 What's better than one noissue Compostable Mailer....TWO! ✌️ @thekindermask [] spruced up their stock mailers with custom branded Stickers! 💋 💌

Hola Mijas Bonitas: Stationery Celebrating the Beauty of Diversity

"I want adults, children to see themselves in these cute characters." Claudia, owner of Hola Mijas Bonitas

Bonnie & Lilac: Going a Li'l Extra with Every Party

"At Bonnie & Lilac, we are constantly learning and moving towards better practices." Emiliana, owner of Bonnie & Lilac

Bopotin: Cloth Nappies for a Worry-free Future

"My take on things is to convert most parents to cloth diapers because a baby alone uses a ton of disposable diapers!" Marine, founder of Bopotin


Take some wrapping inspo from @piperbugshop ! 😍 How cool is this branded noissue custom tissue that is incredibly used to wrap and show off their products! ✨✨

Jewelry that Screams Individuality with Strange Magic Shop

"Sometimes, maintaining who you are, by wearing a certain pair of earrings, or putting your favorite pin on your backpack can make all the difference at the end of the day,” Adele Pentland, Creator of Strange Magic Shop

Playful Packaging for Custom-made Kids Bags with jude&moo

"Don’t wait until everything is perfect, there is always room to make change. It’s just important to get out there and give it a go, if it’s something you really want to do," Kate Saunders, founder of judeandmoo