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Egg 'n' Whisk: Gorgeous Baked Treats Made Just for You

"Custom branding is particularly important to me as it ultimately represents myself and the business." Vanessa, founder of Egg 'n' Whisk


🦄 @inestheunicorn [] opted for the "big-boi" Stamp (80mm x 80 mm) to show off her favorite "witch pigeon" illustration! 🖤 🐦 ✍️ Available in two makes and three sizes, our noissue Stamp is versatile and multi-purposeful! 💪


@cherririi [] created a super-cute 🎀 custom packaging set with her charming illustrations ✍️ Pack a personalized pucnh 🥊 with noissue Cards, Tissue, and Stamps!

Creativity Jungle: Stationery, Photography, and Everything Else in Between

"Don't be scared to be a Jack-of-all-trades, you don't have to be the best at everything but try your best and you'll succeed and find your perfect path or client." Noémie, Founder of Creativity Jungle

But First, West: Spreading Paw-sitive Energy to Both Pups and Humans

"Unpacking can either be a negative or positive experience and we want to fall on the positive side of that spectrum." Hannah from But First, West

OPE Running: Get Moving in Both Sustainable and Fashionable Pieces

OPE Running is a sustainable athleticwear brand committed to creating products that are valued for more than just their price, performance, and aesthetic. Here we get to know more about the brand through founders and husband-wife duo Dallas and Savannah.

Aenid Studio: Imparting Love and Comfort through Art

"I feel rewarded knowing that my work helps [people] in a way to get through a stressful day." Aenid, owner of Aenid Studio


✍️ Custom noissue Stamps are the perfect way to thank your loyal customers! @creativityjungle [] hand-illustrated her wooden Stamp to seal each order with gratitude. ✨ 🙏

Zoologia Kidswear: Wearing A Heart for Wildlife on Your Sleeve

"We are responsible for passing down a better future to [our] children and losing no more biodiversity," Zoologia

B A Soul: Be Your Authentic Self with Every Outfit

"As a creative individual who specializes in simple yet bold designs, I have made it my mission to create, inspire, and grow with my work." Brenda, owner of B A Soul

Art By Jille: Embroidery for Self-Care and Inspiration

"Sitting down with a good old craft might feel counterproductive, but it is such a therapeutic way to refill your cup." Jille, owner of Art by Jille


Personalize your packaging with our noissue wooden Stamp! 🍒 💌 @sheselle [] opts for a cherry red soy-based ink pad to make their parcels pop💥


How sweet are @thegladdestthingshop [] 's custom noissue Cards? 💝 ✍️ Our self-inking Stamp is a great addition to any custom packaging purchase! It's easy to brand boring boxes with #noissueCustomStamps []


With endless design possibilites, our noissue custom Stamp allows you to switch up your style every season 🌷🌞🍁☃️ We are obsessed with @daniellepioliart [] 's red-hot rendition 🌶

Chunky Resin: Adding That Pop of Color to Express Yourself

"I really just intend to bring the sort of accessories and homeware that I would personally want to life." Claudia, owner of Chunkyresin

Yama Roasters: Coffee Inspired by High Respects for the Wilderness

"My vision is to get great coffee to the community while keeping my impact to a minimum." Gregory, owner of Yama Roasters

The Gladdest Thing: Encouragement through Stationery and Home Goods

"To me, sustainability means recognizing my impact on the planet—both environmentally and economically—and being intentional about that impact." Mac Ford, founder of The Gladdest Thing

PonkyWots: Celebrating Uniqueness Through Quirky Art

“Create something that you enjoy making and don’t worry about what others may think.” – PonkyWots founder, Jade.

Cross Cookies: Where Sustainable Food Dreams Crumb True

“With environmental sustainability in both of our backgrounds, we find [it’s] our duty as a business to be conscious of how our actions can affect the planet and actively do something about it.” – Ross and Chris, founders of Cross Cookies.

Maidfetish: Pins Representing Art and Self-Expression

"I like to be able to express my love for lingerie and female form via art." Jem of Maidfetish

Cultural Comfort Dishes with The Stock Pot

"Make food that you love, that you would pay for. That sounds cliche, but connecting with food is what brings people together." Ian and Courtney of The Stock Pot

Mary Sanche: Hand-painted Stationeries Inspired by Earth's Natural History

"I think that I just have too many ideas and too much love of art and design that I have to share it with the world, through the products I create." Mary Sanche

Quinn's Pins: Buying and Collecting to Designing Her Own

"Designing a product and seeing people wanting to have one of their own feels so rewarding, and I love seeing my products making people smile." Ella, founder of Quinn's Pins

Kandilá Candle & Co: Resonating with Culture and Bringing Back Memories of Home

"As cheesy as it is, we go by the saying of 'when you love what you do, everything else follows' and I'm convinced that's one of the key foundations when starting a business or with anything really," Ana of Kandilá Candle & Co

Möki Studios: Crushing Beauty Standards with Self-Love Body Statues

"My vision for Möki is to challenge everyone’s view on body image a little differently from the usual beauty standards the media portrays," Stephanie, Founder of Möki Studios

Natūra: Decorative Pieces Committed to the Well-being of the Planet

"...sustainability is far more powerful and transcendent than just a trend of consuming eco-friendly products for the fun of it. It is an understanding that everything in life is not disposable and that we need to care and tend to our surroundings," Kris and Dala of Natūra

What a Curl Wants: Helping You Love Your Natural Hair

"I want people to remember opening my boxes. I want all my customers to know I appreciate them buying from me and choosing to shop with me." Fleur, founder of What a Curl Wants

Underway Studio: Illustrating Architecture in Collaborative Silk-Screen Prints

"We are lucky to live in such an exciting and diverse city, and we hope to show a different side to this through our abstract and colorful screen prints." Underway Studio


✅ Tips on how to keep your noissue Stamp in purr-fect condition: 1.) Use water-based or soy-based inks 💧 2.) Store in a cool, dark, dry place 🆒 3.) Wipe it every now and then 🧤 @manumontoyae 's fun-sized noissue custom Stamp is well-utilized to personalize their packages! 📦

Nina Spicy: Feel-Good Illustrations to Spice Up Your Life

"Discover new supports, exceed your limits, and do not be afraid! Give it 100% in what you love and never back down!" Nina of Nina Spicy

Saving the Sea through Art with Mora Cornwall

"Having grown up with the sea as my home, I would hate to see it suffer and degrade to the point that my own children wouldn’t get to enjoy it as I did." Ella, founder of Mora Cornwall


This detailed custom noissue stamp by @katyjarvisart got us stretching like this majestic leopard. 🐆 Excited to see how they will apply this to their packaging! 🤩

Rosemary Local: Providing a Platform for Creatives

"The little steps make a big difference, especially being an online store that sells different products. Those products must be created as sustainably as possible." Rosie, founder of Rosemary Local

Yael Frankel: Illustrations from Everyday Inspirations

"I refuse to use simple shapes or primary colors because it is for kids. I think they are as prepared as us (or even more) to receive the better we can offer in every instance of their life," Yael Frankel


Kawaii! @apricotmayor 's noissue Cards and Stamp set could not be any more adorable. 😍😍 These noissue products are perfect for adding the final touch to complete your personalized packaging! 💯

Pâmoison: Artisan Textile Products Made Sustainable

"I felt that every aspect of Pâmoison should consider sustainability, even at a higher cost, and therefore a lower profit margin. Being eco is not cheap, but it has a much higher value long term." Denise, founder of Pâmoison

Mi Blushe: Fun and Eco-friendly Stationeries and Gift Items

"Bringing happiness and inspiration to my customers through my products have been and always will be my goal," Sheryl, founder of Mi Blushe

9 Packaging Design and Sustainability Trends to try in 2021

Regenerative packaging, detailed designs and pops of color are going to be big in packaging this year. Here's 9 trends to try for your brand.


Start the year with a bang! 🎉🎉 It's always a good idea to plan your packaging early on. @brownrabbitsart shows off their flawlessly imprinted noissue self-inking stamp. ✨This adorable rabbit hopes that their parcels arrive safely to you! 🐰

We love the large, versatile noissue Stamp! 👍👍 enjoys embellishing paper surfaces such as cards and envelopes with their very fitting lemon and orange design! 🍋🍊

Folio: Inspiring Moments of Connection with Luxury Paper Goods

"I try to take everyday moments and use them to create cards that are relatable, loveable, and just really human." Ian, founder of Folio

Custom Stamps are an easy way to communicate important messages or to add a fun touch to any package. 👍👍 kindly requests the package handler to "please do not bend" with their adorable fox design.🦊✨