Creatives: Vanilla Hayes x TravelbagNZ

We chat to design studio Vanilla Hayes on their work for TravelbagNZ. Read on to find out about their collaboration on custom, branded Tissue and Stickers.


Another look at the square shape option for the noissue custom sticker, this time through @calliandco's lenses! 🀩🀩 We love this cheery colored combo of noissue Tissue, Tape, and Stickers! This definitely brightened our day! 🐠🌟


This vibrant tissue design by @sugarlipsnz definitely sprinkles happiness all over. 😍😍 The compostable noissue Sticker tells you exactly what you can expect to unwrap! πŸ’‹ #WFHtips: Schedule in your meal and snack times. This will help keep you fueled throughout the day and give you an opportunity to step away from the desk.