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Jeanne McGee: Beautifying Homes with Unique Prints

"My brand mission is to make handmade home decor using my original designs." Jeanne McGee, artist and printmaker

By Mom: Decor Made With Love For Your Little Ones

"Our mission is to provide our costumers with original and personalized products for their babies with the maximum respect for the environment.” Patricia, creator of ByMom

Aenid Studio: Imparting Love and Comfort through Art

"I feel rewarded knowing that my work helps [people] in a way to get through a stressful day." Aenid, owner of Aenid Studio

Florals by Blush: Sustainable Floral Arrangements to Make Your Day

"I believe taking the time out of our busy lives to enjoy a creative activity is not only fun, but important for the body and mind to switch off and reset." Paloma, owner of Florals by Blush.

Bonnie & Lilac: Going a Li'l Extra with Every Party

"At Bonnie & Lilac, we are constantly learning and moving towards better practices." Emiliana, owner of Bonnie & Lilac

Sharing the Happy through Embroidery with Pastel Atelier

"It’s important to shape the present in such a way that a future worth living is possible." Betül, founder of Pastel Atelier

Arun Soy Candle: Eco-friendly Flicker of Happiness

My vision is to keep creating candles that can make people happy and relaxed, while also being environmentally conscious." Bell, founder of Arun Soy Candle

Beautiful Handmade Accessories with KTT Studios

"If you find passion and joy in what you do, do not let any mistakes nor any small tribulation cause you to abandon it. It is important that you love making the art you do more than anything else," Kim, Founder of KTT Studios