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Abbey Sy: "Always Be Creating"

"It has always been part of my goal to make art accessible to more people and running a shop is one of the things I’ve always loved doing since I was a teenager," Abbey Sy

Lulu & Milly: Gorgeous Organic Clothing for Your Little Ones

"...never give up on your dream. It may seem hard at times, but it is so fulfilling." Jasmine and Amanda, founders of Lulu & Milly

Chasing Kawaii Dreams with Rainbowholic

"I believe that “kawaii” makes the world a happier place," Kaila Ocampo, co-founder of Rainbowholic


noissue Stickers can be printed in as many colors as you'd like. 💯 @pancakeystuff shows off their brand with this eyecatching sticker design. ⭐⭐⭐ Stunning!


Coming up with a witty catch phrase to go on your packaging design is an excellent way to grab anyone's attention. 👍👍 A heads up from @thisisfolio that the package you will be receiving has "nice stuff inside" to get you excited! 🤩🤩🤩

Creatives: Henry Slaughter x Laundry Day

"I get inspired by great usability, readability and experience paired with something visually attractive," Henry Slaughter

Love the intricate design of this custom noissue Stamp by 💡💡 Stamps are an easy way to get your branding on stock packaging. 🤩 Having your own logo on the stamp can help your customers quickly recognize and remember your brand. ⭐

Daydreams and Watercolour Flowers with Anna Lau

"I’ve always believed you can achieve anything you want if you want it enough." Anna Lau


Cute illustrations make us happy! ✨✨ Especially with a strawberry-chocolate color combination, this noissue tissue design by @coralwitch is a feast to the eyes. 😍🤤 We love the bright and cheery color! 🌟

Zuahaza: Transforming the Textile Industry by Making It 'Clean' Again

"...seeing how happy and excited they are about the project, it truly helps me remember that this business has a purpose and a vision worth fighting for," Tatiana Ordoñez, Founder and Creative Director of Zuahaza


What fun colors for @invisiblegirlusa's custom noissue Tissue and Stickers. We love how the illustrations look! 😊 💕Nothing like a cute #pantone color for your background! 😍🌈

Can't decide which noissue packaging to get? 🤔 Why not the whole set? 🙌🙌 is all ready to ship your orders with her custom noissue tissues, stamp, and stickers! 🐶💕 How exciting! We love the illustrated puppers and the use of white in this 1-color design!


We love seeing all the awesome stamp designs you're creating! 🤩🤩 @loreillustration's custom noissue Stamp design shows off a whale! 🐋🌱 Let us remember that caring for the animals is also caring for the environment. 💕

Creatives: Sara Fraser (Sartoria) x Broken Hearts Spirit

"I create bespoke solutions that ensure ambitious clients wear their brands well and thrive," Sara Fraser of Sartoria


noissue Cards allows you to share some of your personality and branding and communicate important information. 💖💖💖 It's always nice to know the person behind the brand. 😊 Loved seeing Sophie the Cat in @chey.barton's super colorful noissue Card design! 🌈


We love seeing businesses taking the initiative to be more sustainable. 💕💕 @another.luvr makes sure that everything in their business, from sourcing materials down to packaging and shipment, is as sustainable as it gets. 🌱✨ Gorgeous shot and stickers! 😍


Stunning design by @albabbgg for her noissue packaging! 🤩🤩 The color contrast is vibrant, and makes the illustrations pop. We love the attention to detail and the use of outline and filled spaces in this design ⚡⚡⚡ We love seeing our customer designs, so tag us in yours! 💖


We love the color and feel of this noissue Tissue design! ✨✨ Our 17gsm paper is available for our 1-color, white-background designs. 🧐 @veronicatuckerthelabel shows off their hand-drawn custom Tissue. ✏️ Perfect for wrapping orders! 🤩🤩


We love this matching custom noissue tissue and paper tape from @lovelyscripture. 😍😍 We love the use of white, making this a one-color design! 🎁 Cool how it's neatly wrapped and finished off with a twine. ⭐


Unwrapping an item is such a joy. 🤩🤩 Share your packaging design with your audience to generate some excitement around the parcels they're about to receive. @mochipanko's noissue custom tissue is a great use of 2-colors and white, and there are no color restrictions on noissue Tape. 🍄 💙 Just beautiful! ✨✨✨


The noissue Compostable mailer is certified for both home and commercial composting! 😊 @hararei ships sustainable and encourages customers to reuse the mailer with the second adhesive strip. 🍃🍃 Every little effort makes a difference. 🤝💖


We're so sssssssmitten with @kasvei's 8x8cm noissue custom Stamp! 🐍💕 Love the fine details in this design. ✨✨ noissue Stamps come with a soy-based ink pad too. 🤩

Calming Illustrations with Milka Sukno

"I love to imagine the way in which my costumer is going to open the package and find a detail from the beginning, a part of me in his order," Milka Sukno

Creatives: Amy Design Co. x Maison Frida

"My brand vision is adventurous, playful, and authentic. These principles help guide my design and also influence my client work," Amy Young


As a brand, it's important to be memorable and stand out - which is why custom packaging is important to the customer experience. 💯 The more touches a customer has with your branding, the more likely they'll recall it!👍👍 @theclayagenda's design is a fun pop of color. ☁️💙


Fall is just around the corner, this custom noissue tissue by @lachaumiereduchat at says so. 🍂 Thinking of your own custom noissue tissue design? 🤔 You can start with a theme to help you conceptualize! We'd love to hear your ideas! 💡💡💡

Matching Tree Apparel: Ethically Made Clothing for You and Your Family

"I want to show the world that manufactured goods can come from sustainable sources, without costs to human liberty," Tracey Szynkaruk, founder of Matching Tree Apparel

skillings: Responsible Fashion

"Shop small , sustainable & with your heart.," Marnie Skillings, Founder