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Appreciation for Mothers

Appreciation for Mothers

By Ben Conard 13 May, 2018

This is a shout out to all of the wonderful mothers out there. Safe to say you've been there for a lot, helping us with our homework and again when it's time to set up our homes; coaching us on the soccer field, and on the field of life; and maybe one day making our metaphors a little bit better. Ellie Bullen, Jocelyn Closs, and Barbara Licuria share what 'mom' means for them.

Ellie Bullen, Founder of The Wholesome Store

Q: How would you describe your mother?
A: My mum is very strong, a good story-teller, and always fascinated me with her knowledge about subjects. Being a nurse, she is very caring and selflessly passionate about helping others.

Q: What is something your mother taught you that you'll never forget?
A: My mother taught me to never give up on my dreams

Q: How has your mother influenced what you've chosen to do?
A: Well my mum has always been a hard worker so her work ethic has taught me to work hard on my own business ventures, and she’s supported and encouraged me the whole way.

Jocelyn Closs, Co-Founder of Kanook Studio

Q: Can you describe your mother?
A: My mom is an extremely selfless soul. The nicest person you’ll probably ever meet. She is super cute and always puts everyone else first — no matter what.

Q: Something your mother taught you that you'll never forget?
A: My mom has always been incredibly supportive of me as a creative — and of me pursuing a career doing something that makes me happy and that I really enjoy. And on a lighter note, she once told me to NEVER over-pluck your eyebrows — maybe trivial, but very important advice. She was ahead of that Instagram curve.

Q: How has your mother influenced what you've chosen to do with Kanook Studio?
A: My mom was a teacher for over 30 years. She taught me to work hard. She’s also very creative and imaginative — all of which have influenced my choice of being an entrepreneur with my own design business.

Barbara Licuria, Founder of Little Dutch

Q: How has being a mother influenced your work?
A: My three children are all completely different in personality and style. So when I am designing something I have to think of what we’ll encompass all of them and create something they will all wear and enjoy.

Q: Something your mother taught you that you'll never forget?
A: Be honest, be true to what you believe in and eventually others will believe in it too.

Q: What have been some difficulties and some successes you've enjoyed with Little Dutch?
A: Being a mom is my biggest obstacle and hurdle, my 8 and 6 year old are at school but my two year old is a true mummy’s girl and when she’s not at crèche she is glued to my hip. While she’s sleeping I have to decide between two options. Option 1: do three loads of laundry and fold and put them away; or my favorite move is to ignore Option 1 and and take Option 2 which is to sit down and create for Little Dutch which means I feel connected to the adult world. It makes me happy to sit at my laptop and work on the next range of T-shirts or sleeping bag designs. And my confidence is growing the more I sell! The feeling that others like what you’re producing is a huge relief and a great driving force for my work.